Switches & multiplexers

Switches & multiplexers

Our portfolio supports a variety of configuration, voltage, bandwidth and package needs

Analog switches & multiplexers

Comprehensive portfolio of protection, precision and general-purpose switches and multiplexers to support end-to-end signal chain needs. This portfolio features a broad range of supply voltages (0.8 V to 36 V) to accommodate any mux and demux needs.

Buffered encoders & decoders

Devices with integrated inverters and drivers for binary decoding data selection.

Protocol specific switches & multiplexers

Protocol switches and muxes for data, power, video and audio applications, including USB, HDMI?, MIPI, DisplayPort?, PCIe, LVDS, DDR and LAN.

Power switches

Power switches provide an electrical connection from a voltage source or ground to a load. Our diverse portfolio includes several topologies to enable power sequencing, protection against common IC events, diagnostic telemetry and more.

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