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            Video doorbell

            Video doorbell system integrated circuits and reference designs


            Video doorbells are getting smarter, and our integrated circuits and reference designs will help you differentiate your next design. Advanced features such as audio/video streaming, wireless connectivity and sensing will help you quickly create an innovative doorbell design.

            Next-generation video doorbell designs often require:

            • Highly efficient power tree from AC input to the point of load
            • Higher thermal efficiency due to small form factor and no air vents
            • Addressing battery drain due to overall leakage current and load sharing during chime operation
            • Address false chiming triggered by peak currents during system operation
            • Stable battery operation across temperature range, especially negative temperature
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            Application Notes (6)

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            PDF 123 KB 28 May 2019
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            PDF 84 KB 24 Apr 2018

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            PDF 784 KB 23 May 2019
            PDF 806 KB 20 Feb 2019
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