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            DJ equipment

            DJ equipment integrated circuits and reference designs


            Our integrated circuits and reference designs will help you innovate on multichannel audio interfacing and audio signal conditioning. TI products will enable you to design durable equipment with hardware compatibility for software-based digital vinyl systems.

            DJ controllers, mixers and other DJ equipment designs often require:

            • High-performance audio sampling rates to meet all high fidelity (Hi-Fi) requirements
            • Reliability in environments with dirt, moisture or oil
            • Removal of audible “clicks” and “pops” for both current and voltage output DACs
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            Technical documents

            Application notes & user guides

            Application Notes (6)

            Title Type Size (KB) Date
            PDF 113 KB 19 Jun 2018
            PDF 530 KB 12 Apr 2017
            PDF 59 KB 10 Nov 2016
            PDF 62 KB 13 Jan 2016
            PDF 372 KB 01 Jul 2015
            PDF 670 KB 28 Apr 2015

            Technical articles

            Design & development

            Name Part # Company Software/Tool Type
            66AK2Gx (K2G) Audio Daughter Card AUDK2G Texas Instruments Daughter Cards
            66AK2Gx 1GHz Evaluation Module EVMK2GX Texas Instruments Evaluation Modules & Boards
            INA1650 Evaluation Module INA1650EVM Texas Instruments Evaluation Modules & Boards
            Processor SDK for 66AK2Gx Processors - Linux and TI-RTOS Support PROCESSOR-SDK-K2G Texas Instruments Software Development Kits (SDK)
            Processor SDK for OMAPL138 Processors for Linux and TI-RTOS Support PROCESSOR-SDK-OMAPL138 Texas Instruments Software Development Kits (SDK)
            TMS320C6000 DSP Library (DSPLIB) SPRC265 Texas Instruments Software Libraries

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